Visalam, Chettinad

Visalam, Chettinad


Chettinad is a place for those who value lost grandeur over glitter, who choose elegance over excitement and who would much prefer an evening’s walk through history’s shadows to a night at the nearest club. Deep in the heart of Southern India is a secluded land of gracious mansions, dating back a half-century and more. And a culture of vigour and trade, rooted in the ancient soil of Chettinad, yet open to the four winds of the world.

If you listen closely, the walls of Visalam Chettinad have their own story to tell. The pearly lustre of the plastering is unique to this region, made from an exotic recipe of egg shells, lime, palm jaggery and sea shells, ground together by hand. The final polishing is done with egg white and the end result is astonishing, a glossy finish that begs to be touched and stroked. Extremely labour intensive, time consuming and difficult to replicate today, these walls reflect an attitude to craftsmanship now rare in the world.

15 heritage rooms of quiet elegance. All rooms airconditioned and 400 to 600 sq.ft in area

Authentic Chettinad cuisine prepared by expert chefs
Interactive kitchen that allows visitors to try their hand at cooking
Three dining areas – one each for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Swimming pool

Experience the Chettiar Lifestyle
Excursions of the temples and artisans’ workshops
Tour to the Chettinad
Heritage zone, Athangudi tile units

80 km from Trichy airport and 90 km from Madurai Airport

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