Swa Swara, Ohm Beach

SWA SWARA, Ohm Beach

SwaSwara is the inner voice of the Self, sounded on a fabled beach shaped like an Om. Be watchful, for here, spaces expand and time slows down. Participate, as the mind comes gradually to rest and the practices of yoga and meditation find their fullest expression. So come join us. And find the song within.

Om Beach is aptly named. This Sanskrit letter , echoed faithfully in the sweep of the rocks and sand below you, is referred to in the ancient Hindu texts at the original sound of creation. Swa’ is the Sanskrit prefix for the self. And ‘Swara’ refers to sound. We live unaware of the inner sound of our being, drowned out as it is by the din of daily life. Only when everything else quiets down and we are at peace, can we hear it. That’s why we’ve made sure that the shouts of the modern world die down to whispers at SwaSwara.

Imagine a breeze-laden clifftop overlooking the legendary Om beach, not far from the ancient temple town of Gokarna. Imagine too, 30 undulating acres of land, dotted with coconut groves and paddy fields.Yet, playing host to a mere 27 secluded villas, tucked away between lawns and flowering shrubs.

There is little at SwaSwara, apart from the rhythm of rolling waves and the meditative hum of birdsong, to disturb your inner explorations. A place of new sunlight, of yoga and meditation, of days lived in simple beauty and natural harmony. Here, a holiday is not an escape but an introduction. To the song and celebration within each of us.

Other visitors to the beach need to take a winding trail around the bluffs, but from SwaSwara, you can use our own private path opening into a peaceful section of waterfront. Here, you can stretch a moment into a day, working on your tan, enjoying a dip (the curve of the Om makes a perfect swimming cove!) and watching the sun lower behind the hills. If you strain your ears, you can sometimes hear the faint temple bells of Gokarna, wafting in on the breeze.

A 20 minute boat ride from Om will also fetch you up at a number of other beaches. Some bear romantic names (Half-moon Beach, Paradise Beach), most are isolated and at some, you won’t see a single soul at all.

At Swaswara, you can expect personalized attention from Yoga experts belonging to several major schools. If you’re new to Yoga, you can just sample a bit of it all, practising as the mood takes you.

For more serious Yoga lovers, as also for people with specific ailments, SwaSwara offers a whole range of options. If you like, we’ll create a therapy program just for you, complete with Yoga postures and Pranayama (breath excercises), meditations, diet and Ayurvedic massage.

Fresh fish, shellfish and other seafood, based on seasonal variants and the catch of the day. These are accompanied with fresh produce from the local farms and a growing selection of wines. The food at Swaswara is in keeping with the natural spirit that inspires everything else here. The accent is on the fruits of the land and the sea. And the focus is on freshness, pure and simple.

We avoid meat, concentrating on the fresh catch of local shellfish and seafish. Fresh produce from the farms surrounding Swaswara provides the accompaniment. Hard liquor is avoided. Instead, we serve up a selection of fine wines, both imported and local.

Accommodation at SwaSwara consists of 27 self-contained Villas, built in the local Konkan style, but featuring air -conditioning, modern plumbing and most other mod cons you’d expect. Each Villa is inspired by the traditional family estates that dot the Konkan coast, and if we’ve added aircon and modern fittings, they do little to disturb the authenticity of your experiences here. Natural materials are used throughout, most of them sourced locally from the artisans of the area.

The centerpiece of SwaSwara is the blue meditation dome, at the head of the swimming pool.Its circular form and blue tiles form a mandala ( or cosmic sphere ) of harmony, echoing the temple architecture of nearby Gokarna

There are, of course, extensive Yoga, Pranayama and meditation facilities, with individual attention from qualified yoga teachers. SwaSwara has an ayurvedic centre too, where you can try out a variety of massages and other therapies.

Then there are the charms of Om beach, and a number of other beaches that are a short boat ride away. The temple town of Gokarna and Gokarna beach make for a fascinating days excursion.

The nearest airport is Goa’s Dabolim Airport (travel time – 190 mins) & Mangalore Airport (travel time – 4 hours)

The nearest rail station is Kumta, on the Konkan railway, a scenic train ride linking Mumbai (Bombay) to the major cities of Kerala , including Cochin and Trivandrum

Jan – Mar : These months are cool (well, 28-34 C) and dry.
Apr – May : Peak summer.
June – Aug : These are the Monsoon (rainy) months. In ayurveda, this is considered a Specially good time for healing.
Sept – Dec : A pleasant and dry period, usually the main tourist season.

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